One platform

To mange your coaching business

PeakNext helps you manage needs of the modern coaching business.

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Seamless scheduling

Easy scheduling across the multiple platform, connect the calendar let us manage the rest. Have a hassle free rescheduling thatreduce last minute no shows

Stay Connected with App

Automatically track how many sessions are left in your coaching packages, quickly onboard your client and stay connected with them via mobile app

Less time following up, more time for coaching

Automate session reminders, manage all your messages ,  secure note and files sharing

A powerful tool for everyday use.

Save time with a purpose-built financial plan you can trust.

Eliminate multiple subscriptions to manage your coaching business.

Automate approval flows for expenses based on your policies. Get flagged on out of policy expenses and streamline your expense management flow.

Engage your user right from any platform by integrated chat capabilities

Our app brings you seamless chat experience with customisation and security that meets your  needs along with Push notification

Send coaching content fast and secure fashion

Our app satisfies all your transfer needs perfectly. Just select videos, photos & e-book, pdf files or anything, it will stably share them to your friends at a lightning speed,

Take your business to the next level!

We help coaches manager disconnected and annoying systems into one simple place.

I have got extra time after sessions  to get more clients.
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Oh, shoot! Listen, try PeakNext. I'm sure that you stop using calendly for scheduling

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A powerful tool for everyday using.



Create personal dashboard.

Organize your notes

2 Learners.

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All features in Personal.

Inbuilt Video Conferencing feature

Unlimited Learners.

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All features in Pro Plan.

Personaised App

Custom use cases

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We've got you covered!

What should I look for in good coaching software?

First off, ease of use. It needs to work seamlessly . The fact that is beautifully designed for both coach and client also doesn’t hurt.

How can leadership coaching software help my business?

Coaches will often manually use together different tools, which is too messy to manage. Peaknext infrastructure in place, you’ll skip all that hassle and build your business the right way.

How can PeakNext help me grow my  coaching business?

We take administrative pieces that nobody wants to do, We help coaches to focus on the more important things like growing your business.

Do we charge by client like other business coaching software?

No, PeakNext is a flat $19 USD/month, without any limitations. Have as many number of clients.